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LESSONS:  Preteen-Adult (10+)

  • Online Classical and Flamenco guitar lessons

  • Customized based on your personal needs, goals, and practice availability.

  • Technique, Sight Reading and Repertoire

  • Individual and Group lessons.

  • Lesson Rates

  • Contact Me

  • What kind of lessons do you offer for older children and adults?
    I offer traditional classical and traditional flamenco guitar lessons for pre-teens, teens, and adults. A typical classical guitar lesson consists of technique (scales, arpeggios, tremolo, slurs), sight-reading, new pieces to learn, and old pieces to review and polish. A typical flamenco guitar lesson consists of technique (rasqueado strums, slurs, scales, arpeggios, tremolo, etc...), sight-reading, new forms and solos to learn, and old forms and solos to review and polish. Students may also want to learn music theory applied to the guitar. I will customize a plan of study based on your personal needs, desired goals, and practice availability.
  • Do you teach other styles?
    My specialty is classical and flamenco and therefore my time commitment is to teaching those styles. If you are looking to learn a specific genre such as rock, jazz, or blues, I can recommend other teachers. If you just want to learn the guitar, with no strong pull towards a style, classical guitar sets a foundation that rivals no other style. That being said, I am always happy to mix the lessons with other styles of music, as long as the core learning curriculum is classical or flamenco guitar.
  • What guitar should I get?
    You need a nylon string acoustic classical guitar; not a steel string acoustic guitar. The best quality sounding guitars are made of solid wood, rather than laminated wood. If your budget gives you the option of spending a little more than a low end instrument, I highly recommend guitars with at least a solid spruce or cedar wood top rather than a laminated top. For classical or flamenco guitar, I do not recommend left handed guitars for left handed people. It is unnecessary, cumbersome, and since both hands have equal demands put on them, will not make your life easier. No one would consider buying a custom made piano where the piano keys are arranged in reverse order so the left hand plays the melody and the right hand plays the accompaniment.
  • Do you teach adult group classes?
    Yes. If we can find a mutual time and you have the students, let me know your idea for a music class, or I can help you customize the perfect class, and we can make it happen; classical guitar, flamenco guitar, general guitar, ukulele, mandolin, composition, general music, guitar ensemble etc...


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